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Tuesday, April 5, 2016

By Leonard. C. Faucher 

Curtailing the cozy relationships with foreign manufacturers is the real reason why Romney and his establishment friends arevehemently against Donald Trump.  I had the misfortune of being the primary competitor to Romney’s first investment, Staples Inc., through his Bain Capital venture firm.  It’s a complicated story but Romney and his friends were able to steal my 26 store franchise operation called OfficeLand Inc.  In the process, Staples’s very first CFO, Bob Leombrunoallowed me to take home for a night the Staples business plan. The Staples business plan is the model for what destroyed American retailers and manufacturers. It was the formula as to how the Staples founders became billionaires and how they continued to destroyother industries. It’s pretty simple but also illegal. It is why these business predators spin their story to believe that they were good business people instead of vulture capitalists as they should be known. 

Back in 1985, there were over 20,000 office supply stores in the United States. These stores were family owned and operated and greatly contributed to the fabric of American society. In this single industry, there were over 400 American manufacturers that supplied products to these stores either directly or through wholesalers. The American office products industry was only one of many that would be destroyed by opportunist investors like Romney and his Staples Inc. partners. Allow me to explain how. 

The Staples Inc. business plan contained an eleven tier pricing structure for its new stores that opened in every metro area throughout the country. Once open for business, Staples Inc. selected one of its pricings that was just under what its nearby competitors charged its customers. As the result of millions of dollars pouring into the company from its two rounds of fundingand its IPO, Staples didn’t care if its storelost money in its first year. The purpose was to attain market share and either buy them out or force their competitors out of business. After the competitors were all gone, Staples Inc. initiated a new schedule of higher pricing which allowed its stores to become profitable. Of course, as we all know today, their plan worked very well. However, anyone that knows the history of business will realize that the Staples practice was also illegal. It breaks the long-standing anti-monopoly law called the “Sherman Anti-Trust Act” of 1890. Romney and his friends, now called the establishment, didn’t stop at decimating the thousands of theircompetitors as they also targeted hundreds of American manufacturers. Spread across the country, these companies were also well-respected participants in the communities they served. They supported local charities, athletic teams, and their owners were contributing members of service organizations and their local Chambers of Commerce. Today most of these have disappeared. Some were, again, raided by Bain Capital after bankruptcy and stripped of all its assets including employee retirement funds. Most others were replaced by manufacturers in countries whose employees receive a tenth of what Americans are paid. At the same time through public relations firms and paid off politicians, Americans were being told that we had the ability to purchase these products at very low prices….but were we?  

I knew this industry very well and witnessed that Staples Inc. kept the old list prices that Americanwere used to paying when they bought American made products. However, I was also keenly aware that the foreign made products cost less than 10% of American made products. These products included office supplies, office furniture, and office machines, now identified as computers. By establishing shadowy distributing systems for contracts with Chinese and other Asian manufacturers, Staples Inc. founders kept for themselves an additional 30- 60% margin that made them billionaires. Of course, their shareholders were kept satisfied by also realizing a modest return on their investment. However, it was Romney and his cunning partners that amassed most of the profits. These self-centered arrangements, harmful to every American, continue to expand in almost all industries today. God forbid anyone that may try to end this despicable practice.  As the establishment continues to convince us that their activity is good for America, Bain and other venture capital firms endeavor to pursue the Staples Inc. model by rewarding company CEOs to move their companies to poor economy countries. 

The establishment wants us to believe that we should be happy about perceived lower pricing. However, when there are no American manufacturers left in the country, the prices of their products will remain the same, leaving fewer Americans with jobs and the ability to pay for them. If Americans don’t reverse this self-inflicting painful experience, our country will become another Mexico or China. What happened in the mid-west and in Detroit will happen to almost all American cities. Romney and the establishment of our country simply do not care as they only have allegiance to themselves. As we learned from his past political exploits, Romney is only looking out for his own best interest and helping his fellow billionaire friends and the media they control. 

Your Congressmen and Senators all saw this coming and were corrupted by the wealth of the powerful establishment. They looked the other way while millions of Americans becamefinancially raped by those with tremendous greed. As we’ve all been ignored by those that we’ve elected to represent us, perhaps it will take another American minded billionaire to bring back common sense to our economic system. America has little time left before we lose all our assets. In my opinion we should all ignore the useless noise of this presidential campaign and get back to understanding the basics of our economy. It is time to reject the typical politicians, most of whom are lawyers, and elect someone who unquestionably understands businessand truly loves the America I remember….Donald Trump. 

Len Faucher was a public school educator for fourteen years , trustee at his alma mater, The Boston Conservatory, from 2002-2007, COO of Franchise Innovators International, LLC, and presently an Adjunct Professor in Business at a Houston area college. He invites you to read evidence of his facts located on, and on

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